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Please, signal boost! (From Juricha)

by Juricha

This is my pricelist.

My father most likely will be fired from his work because of reasons I cannot state in public. His salary was the major part of our family’s income. And I won’t get any pension - another major part of our budget - in the next month. There are so many wrongs in my life right now, I don’t know where to begin… I need as many commissions as possible right now (I already have some, but I need as many as I possibly can do - one full picture takes me around 5-7 hours). It’s not for my own leisure, it is not for pity, it is not for fun - there 5 living people and a dog who need money to eat and li

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Зоопарк 4.

Зоопарк 3.

Зоопарк 2.


Московский зоопарк! Весна!